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BCI - Blancasings Industriale SRL

Founded in 1968, Blancasings Industriale is a leading company in the processing and distribution of natural and artificial casings

The Blanga family has been working in this sector for four generations and it is thanks to the experience gained in over one hundred years of activity that today the BCI is recognized worldwide as a reference point in the market of natural casings.

A key strength of BCI is it’s systematic obsession with every single step of the processing flow to ensure the highest standards of quality and precision

Through constant innovation, the professionalism of the staff and the great willingness to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse clientele, the company has been able to achieve and maintain the highest quality standards on the market.


As proof of their hard work, dedication to improvement and innovative vision, the two managing directors, David F. and David J., have had the honor of holding the prestigious positions of INSCA president and AIIPA president.

Blancasings Industriale SRL
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