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Meat - Fresh/Frozen

Our meat are selected from the best producers, in cooperation with our worldwide network, to satisfy customer requirments . We are also able to provide Kosher and Halal processing and related documentations.

Offals – Edible        (Beef – Pork)

Beef Green Omasum or Defeated 

Beef Abomasum

Beef Tendons 

Beef Honey Comb

Beef Tripe and Tripe Pieces

Veal Spinal Cord 

Beef Aorta

Beef Testicles   

Beef Gallstones

Beef Headmask

Beef Trachea

Beef Shin 

Beef Shank


With a consolidated experience in the leather sector, we propose ourselves as a link between slaughterhouses and foreign tanneries, for the tanning sector


We employ collaborators of the best international producers able to meet the high standards required by the Italian and International tanning industry

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