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Products - Artificial Casings


Our range of natural products is complemented by a line of artificial products.

 Blancasings Industriale is the exclusive agent for the Italian market  of Nippi Inc.and Futamura Chemical Co. which are two worldwide leading companies specialized in the production of collagen and fibrous casings.

Artificial Casings
Nippi Collagen Casings 


Nippi casings are the best-quality collagen sausage casings available, and for over 30 years Nippi has supplied high-quality edible collagen casings globally. Nippi casings have high collagen content and have an excellent safety profile as well as a transparent, traceable supply chain. Nippi casings are the most uniform among collagen casings currently available in the world. Great uniformity and extra strength make Nippi casing the most cost-effective of its kind. Additionally, the added benefit of longer shelf life is a key competitive advantage for sausages made in collagen casings.

Nippi’s consistent wall thickness and caliber eliminate giveaway due to over- or underweight links. This results in direct yield savings. Nippi’s high collagen content reduces pullback and shrinkage through a variety of cooking operations while creating a unique and superior bite profile. This provides more pounds of finished product per foot of casing, resulting in lower overall casing costs.

Nippi casings are suitable for all types of sausages (cooked, fresh, dry sausages, etc.). They are available in an assortment of calibers and can be supplied in a wide range of colors and finishes to satisfy consumers’ expectations and processors’ needs. Sizing of edible casing sticks comes in different diameters, ranging from as small as 13 mm up to sizes in excess of 34 mm.

Artificial Casings
Blancasings Industriale SRL NIPPI Casings
Futamura Fibrous Casings 


Futamura succeeded to develop fibrous casing for the first time in Japan in 1974, until then only imported casings had been available. 

Fibrous casing is composed of two key materials: special paper milled from Abaca (also known as "Manila Hemp"), and viscose which is a colloidal cellulosic solution derived from wooden pulp. This unique composition of fibrous casing enables it to perform an excellent smoke permeability; the best casing for smoked meat product by meat processors around the globe.


In addition, fibrous casing has also superior tensile strength thanks to Abaca fibers, which results to an excellent size consistency of the finished meat products. Due to those two unique characteristics, fibrous casing of Futamura is known to be a long seller casing not only in domestic market but also in the globe, including USA, Europe and Australia.

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