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Products - Natural Casings


We have a health authorization number IT 785 / LOA CE thanks to which we produce and distribute natural casings in different parts of Europe and the world.

Our product line offers a wide range of items, gauges and quality as well as various packaging possibilities to meet any requirement of our customers.

In order to guarantee a consistently uniform product that meets the highest quality standards, we can count on our own production of sheep casings obtained from raw materials that we directly select and purchased from New Zealand to Mongolia and which are processed through different joint ventures in China, Egypt, Mongolia and New Zealand

Our range of natural products also includes a variety of hog, beef and horse casings purchased from highly selected producers and constantly monitored by our technicians.

Natural Casings Italy Blancasings
Sheep Casings


  • Origin New Zealand, Australia, China, Mongolia, Middle East

  • Calibri from 16/18 to 28/30

  • Quality: from AA to BC

  • Packaging: salted, in brine, on hard tubes, soft tubes, in jars, in plastic bags ready to fill

Example of sausages and salami produced with sheep casings

Hog Casings


•    Origin Italy - Spain - Denmark - Germany - China prepared in the following sizes:

•    Selected hog casings : 26/28 - 28/30 - 30/32 - 32/34 - 34/36 -36/38 - 38/40 - 40/42 - 44/46

•    Hog bungs 

•    Fat-ends: from 1.2 - 1.8 wide - sow 1.8

•    Chitterlings

    Hog bladders

Example of sausages and salami produced with hog casings